After discovering your right short hairstyles, if you are thinking about what hair color trends I should dye it, we have done comprehensive research for you. We have compiled the best sharp hair colors of 2020 for you. The top 10 colors of 2020 consist of dark shades for light hair, while bright highlights for dark hair. Of course, red and lilac hues are also trendy.

Light Blonde and Gray Hair Color

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Source By hairdressers_lookbook

If you have a short pixie model haircut, light blonde tones that will highlight your facial features along with your skin color are trendy this year. It can make you noticed faster in daily use or business life. Although it is not easy to decide on the transition from a dark hair tone to a very light color, as a lady who has already switched from long hair to short hairstyle, I suggest you do not hesitate too much.

Dark Brown Tones

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If you have dark hair and do not dare to make your hair color too light, you can add a different look to your hair with brighter tone highlights. They even preferred this hair color this year for famous names such as Eva Mendes, Bella Haid, and Kendall Jenner.

Chestnut With Open Tip

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Source by beauty_miranda3

If you want to bring your hair to a lighter tone than the previous model and if you are determined to do so, this model, which is one of the trendy hair colors of this year, ranging from dark to light shade, is for you. How nice and naive it looks in a wavy and short hairstyle, isn’t it?

Crazy Color Mixes

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Source by alineh_a

You already have a bold haircut model, and if you want to emphasize it more boldly, this year, it is fashionable in styles with crazy color transitions. If you are fond of fun and define yourself as the most noticeable on the runway, we would also like to see you after applying this hair color.

Red Highlights

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5Source by hairbybrittany_jcon

Red shades are always a trend-setting color tone. You can ultimately make your hair red, or you can sprinkle red tones between your hair. In both uses, the striking structure of red will take you one step further. Red tones are generally more easily applied to dark and medium hair. If you have any of these hairstyles, this model is for you.

Copper Shades

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Source by boudi_creativeheadz

One of the ideal trend short hair color trends for those looking for both a red and a softer look is copper color. It is a color tone that makes the woman iconic, which we believe looks better on ladies with fair skin and women with freckles in the face area. This hue is just for you if you have the features we mentioned.

Pink Hues Pixie

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Source by ashleyhairmakeup

Although this hair color is among the trend of hair color trends models of Asian women, it is also widely used in Western European regions. This hue also appeals to women with fair skin. Since the pink color is a color identified with women, it is not a complicated model to choose from. What do you say are you ready to try?

Caramel Highlights

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Source by castillo_lookz

For those who want to prefer a slightly darker hair color trends, we would like to remind you that this year there is a trend in caramel and chocolate colors. This hair color trends, which will not force you when choosing, will be the right choice for your daily and corporate life. You can make caramel tones between your short and dark hair, or if you already have a caramel-looking hairstyle, you can create shadows with darker chocolate colors.

Party Star Neon Palette

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Source by mari_rrodriguez

If you are expecting a color tone that gets away from the banality of daily life and is a little more volatile, neon hair color trends that will make you look like a star are also in fashion this year. Nightlife lovers generally prefer these types of hair color trends. If you are fond of nightlife, this bold color may be the right color for you.

Ice Blue-Gray and Pink Mixes

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Source by makeup.nails2637

One of the trendy hair color trends models of the year that we can recommend for short wavy hair over the shoulder will be ice blue-gray and pink mixes. We are aware that it is a bonus hair color. I hope you liked this hair color model that emphasizes an intellectual appearance.